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For all sorts of reasons, a one-to-one session with your dog at your home or our training site may be ideal. This may be with one or both owners, or to help children around your dog. Chris Wills has worked as a dog trainer since 2010 and is a qualified member of the professional body, the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. He has a Masters degree in Animal Behaviour which he achieved in 2017. References on request, and some reviews below.


Puppy Power - a 3 hour one-to-one for all the family, when the puppy has just arrived. Click here on Book Places to book and for more details. Pre-Sessions to help with advice and set-up before the puppy arrives are also available at a reduced price.


Dog and Puppy Training Problems - Some problems are more quickly and better fixed with 1-2-1 training, instead of or alongside classes, especially ones such as recall, jumping, lead pulling, and counter surfing. Click here on Book Places to book and for more details.


Dog Behaviourist Problems - More specific and harder-to-fix problems such as dog-to-dog aggression will need extra time and dedication. Chris has a Masters degree in Animal Behaviour and is a Behaviourist. Click here on Book Places to book and for more details.


Book online or call Chris on 07542 150 036 to arrange a session where Chris will help you solve the problem, and develop a training plan for you to improve your dog's behaviour. Our training field is near Hockley Heath.


Follow-up sessions may be required, but sometimes the problem can be solved in 1 or 2 sessions. Call 07542 150 036 now to find out more.


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New Puppy


"We collected our Hungarian Vizsla puppy in July, and had been warned that they are high energy, demanding and clever dogs.  We realized quickly that we needed some expert help and Chris has been working with us almost since the first week. He  has been brilliant with Lily, and with us, and his help has been essential in getting her on the right track in those critical early weeks.  Chris deals with Lily's energy calmly and clearly, she adores him, and he is great at explaining clearly what he is doing, why, and how to continue the training in between lessons. I strongly recommend Animal Kind, they have been a fantastic support to us," said Liz Mansfield, from Dorridge.


“Chris is a very patient and practical trainer and was happy to include my 6 year old son in the training sessions, which was great,” said Jane Flaherty from Knowle, who wanted help training her new King Charles Cavalier pup Phoebe. “As a first time dog owner, I found his tips and encouragement extremely helpful.”


Aggression towards people


"We contacted Animal Kind for help with our rescue dog, Molly, whose background we didn't know and who had behavioural problems. We met Chris on a one to one basis. He was very patient with Molly (and us) and we put into practice the excellent advice he gave us. We had follow up sessions with Chris and he was always available for advice and reassurance. As a result Molly is now a confident, friendly little dog thanks to Chris and all his calm friendly advice," said Elaine Mole from Dorridge.


Aggression towards dogs


"Suki was terribly cute until her lead appeared," said Heather Cooke, from Dorridge, with a Jack Russell cross Dachshund. "She then went into hyper drive, barking, screeching, pulling and at the park would desperately try and attack and kill every dog she could get near. I consequently had to muzzle her and of course she was not allowed off the lead. Walking became a trial and a stress and I think the neighbourhood got fed up of the noise. She would not pay attention to me, neither would she even stop to sniff the grass or even go to the toilet. Enter Uncle Chris.

"In three short lessons he showed me how to calm her, get her to walk on the lead nicely, introduce her to other dogs when I was in control and to encourage the good behaviour that began to peek through and in four incredible months she is now off the lead in the park without a muzzle and squeaks only in pleasure encouraging other dogs to play with her. Fairly miraculous. Thank you Chris!"


"Chris has helped us with our Labrador after she developed aggression towards other dogs when she was on her lead.  He explained why she was being aggressive and we took part in de-sensitising exercises which have made such a difference. She is so much better we feel much more confident taking her out on her lead.  Chris is a very calm and kind person and he trained us to be more confident too!" said Sally Hiley from Solihull, with Lucy.


"I have two dogs and Bonnie was very aggressive on her lead. I had a few sessions with Chris and he taught me the best way to react when Bonnie was on her lead. Both dogs are very fit and happy dogs all thanks to Chris," said Trish Bakewell, from Knowle with Bonnie and Alfie.


Lead Walking


“After just a few sessions the difference has been remarkable,” said Mandy Morecock, from Marston Green, who had problems getting Giant Schnauzer Alfie to come back to her, and with lead walking: “I can now walk Alfie and my other Schnauzer without being in pain, and our walks have become a pleasure again,” she said.




"Yes it has really worked!! I take her tug toy and treats every time and she is now off the training lead coming first time, even when in Dorridge park. I tested her out this morning and she was great! Thank you so much for the advice. I am currently more interesting than anything else!!’ said Charlotte Jones from Dorridge, with a yellow Labrador Lexi.


Barking and jumping up


"Tilly is so much better behaved.  We went to Dorridge Park on Friday for the first time in about 2 years.  I'd stopped going partly because of the barking and partly because of her wallowing in mud.  She only barked when she was waiting for me to throw the ball, and by the end of the walk she'd stopped doing that.  Success!!" said Ruth McCormack from Henley in Arden


Over-excitement in the house


"We have noticed a vast improvement with Ruby and it is much appreciated," said Derek Butler, from Cheswick Green, with a cockerpoo.


"Thank you so much for the training you gave Murphy and us.  It has been so useful and straight forward to follow - we are seeing massive improvments - which we will continue," said Jill O'Rouke from Lapworth.


Jumping and Stealing Food


"In only three lessons Chris gave me the skills to better manage my 12 month old dog, Ernie's, behaviour.  He no longer cruises the kitchen counters for food and has all but stopped jumping at random passers-by.  Thanks Chris!" said Jayne Craven, from Dorridge.

Solo Ella