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Text or Call: Chris Wills IMDT BSc MSc - 07542 150 036 


Group Training Courses for all breeds of dogs and age ranges in Solihull and Dorridge


Classes to help turn your dog into a good family pet using the latest, scientifically-proven methods. Email chris@animalkind.biz for details of upcoming classes.

We offer classes on weekday evenings for all breeds and age ranges at local venues around Solihull, including our private training field in Hockley Heath, Solihull Riding Club in Dorridge, and Oliver Bird Hall in Solihull.


Only a small number of dogs on each course so you get lots of individual advice and attention from a qualified trainer and behaviourist.


Notes and ideas sent after each class to help you practice. More than one person can attend with each dog, including children, who can take the lead! Everyone practices at once, meaning you’re not being watched by everyone else, or waiting around lots!


For more info, email: chris@animalkind.biz or text Chris on 07542 150 036