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Doberman being recalled to owner

Dog Training

Animal Kind can give you strategies and training tips, in a measured and supportive way, that will help you from your first session.


121 Dog Training is especially for adolescent dogs aged between 7 months and 3 years old who need help with general obedience, recall, lead walking, socialisation, dog-to-dog aggression, and many other problems specific to you and your lifestyle.


Our training journey together may be very short – we may have resolved the problem within two sessions - or it may be gradual, but we guarantee we will improve your dog and your life with your dog.

Our Dog 121 Packages

Often people get in touch when their well-behaved puppy goes off the boil in adolescence. Their attention is elsewhere, and previously-obeyed requests no longer work - they have become a teenager! Dogs only move from adolescence to adulthood at around 3 years old (depends on the breed, and the individual) so new problems can occur at any point.


Our 121 Dog Training packages are designed for dogs aged 7 months and over, because even though they are still puppies, they have moved onto an entirely different face of puppyhood which may even last until they are 4!!

Dog lying down looking at the camera
Doberman lead walking with owner

Assessment & First Training Session

We get to know you and your dog, and discover what you want to achieve in the 2 hour in-person consultation. For dogs we did not train as puppies, we always start with the Assessment/First Training session, and because of that, not all the follow-up packages we offer are displayed on this website. We will guide you on what will suit you and your dog.


In the Dog Training Assessment/First Session we will:


-   Assess your dog’s personality and what type of training will

    benefit them.

-   Diagnose what is causing the problem(s) and how we can

    improve it.

-   Explain to you the training plan that will improve it. 

-   Start training - in the second hour of the consultation, we get to

    work on practical training immediately.

Our Experience

Our knowledge and experience comes from a wide-range of education and personal experience – the seven rescue pups we brought up were all street dogs. Chris and Helen have been training dogs for over 12 years. We both gained our dog training instructor accreditation by learning under Steve Mann at the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.


Chris took a part-time Masters in Animal behaviour and Welfare at Newcastle University, and qualified as a behaviourist in 2017. Chris is currently working towards the highest level of behaviourist qualification in the UK, to become a CCAB: Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist.

Chris and Helen Smiling


Dog in Logo

Chris was incredible with our beloved Labrador Tiffany, who had been attacked by a black dog with pointy ears and became very reactive to any similar dogs. He arranged for us to meet with a similar profile of dog and guided us in how to handle Tiffy and even happily meet the dog. It has been over a year since our sessions and Tiffy has been great and not reacted. We are so grateful and can once again enjoy a relaxing family walk. 

Emily Lowe with Labrador Retriever, Tiffany

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