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Puppy lying down on their bed

Puppy Training

Our Personal Puppy Training will make your life easier - straight away. We will give you the tips, skills and foundation exercises to help your pup develop into a calm, sociable and well-behaved dog. With us by your side, life with your pup will soon become easier, more relaxing and more enjoyable.

Puppy sitting down in the garden

Personal Puppy Training

Your puppy training journey starts with a Bumper Puppy Power session, in your home, for all the household, including children.

Based on 15 years spent working with thousands of puppy owners, and bringing up 7 puppies ourselves, we will get you all on the same page, and give you solid foundations for the future.


In this session, we get to grips with key early issues such as nipping, potty training, overnight sleeping and leaving pup, as well as household rules and lots and lots of useful tips.

Once you've had one session, we can then guide you about what would be an appropriate follow-up package for you and your family.

If there are behaviours you are worried about, we can also treat this first session as an Assessment, and give you our verdict on what is causing your pup's behaviour, and how to remedy it.


Your pup’s personality and behaviour will change week-by-week during the first few months, and month-by-month after that, which is why many clients like to have us on hand, providing regular sessions, during that crucial period.

So you stay on track, we offer fixed-length training and support packages of 3 months, 6 months and even 12 months so you don't go wrong at any point.

The longer the package, the more we can build upon the training manners learnt for the house, and move outdoors for recall, lead walking and socialisation with strangers and dogs.


If there is one specific issue we offer Targeted Packages for Recall, Lead Walking or Socialisation.

Recall Packages: Not sure if it's best to let your pup off the lead, or how to go about it. Or is the pup already leaving you behind?

Lead Walking: Worried that your pup is pulling to greet every person or dog, and when not able, is getting frustrated and barking or ragging on the lead. Get into good habits with our lead walking methods.

Socialisation, Manners and Play: Learn how to judge good play and when to intervene. We will bring calm training assistance dogs to show your pup the ropes.

Puppy socialising with a dog

Pre-Arrival Help

If you haven't had a pup for a while, or are a first-time pup owner, the list of questions and worries is probably as long as your arm. We offer Pre-Arrival sessions to reduce these anxieties and get the house ship-shape before the pup arrives. Our pre-arrival advice about training and behaviour will see you hit the ground running, rather than chasing the pup around the house retrieving tea towels.


We offer both 121s and Group Classes: While you get more individual attention during 121s, you do encounter different challenges and gain additional benefits by doing training in a group, including meeting a greater range of dogs and people. 

We have five group courses which will guide your pup through their first two years of life. 

Puppy Arrives at Home

Our Experience

Our knowledge and experience comes from a wide-range of education and personal experience – the seven rescue pups we brought up were all street dogs. Chris and Helen have been training pups for over 12 years. We both gained our dog training instructor accreditation by learning under Steve Mann at the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, and highly recommend his book Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy.


Chris took a part-time Masters in Animal behaviour and Welfare at Newcastle University, and qualified as a behaviourist in 2017. Chris is currently working towards the highest level of behaviourist qualification in the UK, to become a CCAB: Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist.

Chris and Helen Smiling


Dog in Logo

Getting our new puppy was fun but we soon realised that she hadn't read the same books we had about how puppies behave. We realised we needed more

1-2-1 help from a professional. Chris was great and after a 1-hour session at our home things started to get easier. We also joined his puppy classes. We now have a 7-month-old puppy that is friendly and easy to take out and about. It's made the experience of being a first-time dog owner much more rewarding. Chris and his training I'm sure played a massive part in that.

Paul Hubbard, with Jessie

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