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To create a well-adjusted pup who is happy as an adult dog - in any situation - it's vital to have an understanding of the timetable for your puppy's vaccination schedule and when and how to socialise them during this period and beyond. This unique page will give you a quick visual guide, with in-depth links in the sidebars, so you are informed of what you can and should do at each stage of the early vaccination and socialisation process.

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Research which breeds are the best to suit your lifestyle

Find responsible breeders. Prepare your home - with our help.

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Paw Trail
4-5 Week Old Vizla Pip Illustration

Due diligence on breeders and select pup!

3 Weeks+

Pup's Socialisation period starts - breeder begins socialisation training for success!

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7-8 Week Old Vizla Pip Illustration
Paw Trail

6 Weeks+

Pup gets 1st set of jabs while still at breeder's  

Decide on vet and ask what brand of vaccines they use; then inform your breeder (critical)

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12 Week Old Vizla Pip Illustration

8 Weeks

Health check at vets, worming and de-fleaing

Pup arrives!!! Though already nearly half-way through socialisation period - see sidebar.

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Paw Trail
13 Week Old Vizla Pip Illustration

8-12 Weeks

Continue carrying your pup outdoors to get
used to sights and sounds and places

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Pup CAN go on ground in regular, secure gardens, and CAN mix with friendly, fully-vaccinated dogs within normal gardens and households.

Pup CANNOT go on ground outside of household or normal gardens, and CANNOT go on road walks, parks or meet random dogs who may not be vaccinated.
Pup CANNOT go in irregular gardens with open woods, 
ponds or lakes or extensive wildlife traffic.  

Paw Trail
14 Week Old Vizla Pip Illustration

12 Weeks+

Pup is ready to receive 2nd set of jabs (only if you followed our advice at 6 weeks+!!)

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7 days after 2nd jabs, pup can go on road/pavement walks and meet random, friendly, dogs.

14 days after 2nd jabs, pup can go to parks, and in non-fast flowing water (ponds etc) 

Paw Trail
15 Week Old Vizla Pip Illustration

 14 Weeks+

Biting gets worse before it gets better - pup starts TEETHING!! 

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Foundation socialisation period is coming to an end - did you do enough!?

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